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The Roman Script

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The Letter Z


While S is that Serpent that Climbs the Tree of Life, Z is that lightning flash that shoots from the Crown when IT is Storm-Laden53. Traditionally seen as a sword that divides, it explodes from ON High, and in an instant, irresistible in its Force, traverses the Spheres to discharge its Might on the Ground of Earth. 

Title Value Attribution Sex Weapon God/Goddess
The Lightning Flash  6 Jupiter Male The Sceptre  Amoun-Ra, Zeus, Jupiter


53 It can shatter the Tree with its blast, set it to Fire and otherwise consume it on its traversal. The only means of withstanding the Lightning Flash is to be electrical oneself. Only in this way, does the Lightning Flash charge the Body of Light, for any obstacle on its path is destroyed including the ‘non-electric’ parts of the Initiate.


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