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The Roman Script

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The Letter S

THE SERPENT, THE SON Value: 24, 42

The Letter S has two phases. When final it is the Serpent of Knowledge and Delight and it is 42 in number33 and has the power of pluralizing any object. Otherwise it is 24 and denotes the Son on the Cross, or the Rosy Cross, who is the Son Crucified in the Name of the Father, the Sun-Solar Beast and the Angel of Tiphareth materialized—for these ideas are all interchangeable here and are resolved to One.34

Title Value Attribution Sex Weapon God/Goddess
The Son 24, 42 Pisces Male  The Magic Mirror  Kephra, Hermes


The letter S holds a special place in the English Lexicon as the main symbol for denoting plurality. There is a distinction to be made therefore in the S that terminates the word as it is, (e.g.: chaos) and the S that although terminating the word is not of it, but is suffixed to denote pluralization (e.g.: words). The letter S therefore takes on two values depending on its position. As S final it takes the value of 42 (21 into 2) versus 24 (12 into 2).

Perhaps the most tortuous of the glyphs, the letter S sometimes denotes a clear hiss as in words like Super or Supper or case. In others this hiss is constrained by bringing the tongue to rest upon the palate, as in the words Sure and Sugar, which appear to compound an h to s. Other times yet, this hiss is entirely constrained until by force of pressure35 it releases thundering and rumbling in the throat, turning it essentially into a z especially when terminating a word as in towards and days, or sometimes in the middle of the word : rose, nose (versus the example of doze and dose).

33 A number associated with the Second Aethyr and the tablet of the 42 names of God incarnate in the Accusers whom the Adept must baffle.

34 To later be reversed. For the Man hangs on the Tree, while it is the Serpent which Climbs it.

35 The pressurized release vibrates the air between the palate and the tongue which creates the sound corresponding to the letter. One can feel this.


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