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The Roman Script

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The Letter Q

THE LION Value: 10

Q, the Lion or the Spermatazoon, was first a Monkey. The Sumerians drew the body of the animal with a tail. The letter today retains this tail. Later when the Semitics appropriated the symbol from the Phoenicians, they named it “qoph” which signified “the back of the Head”, that is, the primal subconsciousness of man, his animal soul or paleo-cortex. It is all of these: IT is the evolutionary motive power within the individual, and that buried force that propels its growth both within its life and throughout the Aeons, and so also that which made the Ape overcome or rise above itself. This progression from Ape to Lion portrays this evolutionary or aeonic development in the primal character of Man.

Title Value Attribution Sex Weapon God/Goddess
The Lion 10 Leo Male The Discipline, The Phoenix Wand Ra-Hoor-Khuit, Horus 


Q is the power of generation which when applied to another element raises it to a higher wheel or plane and manifests the Egg of Spirit beneath it ready for fertilization. (Q = 10, 156 × Q = 1560). It is THAT which reproduces itself into the Egg of Spirit in Its original Perfection (n × 10 = n0, for any integer n).

Note that Q manifests the Father and the Goddess for Q = F = 10 = Ph = Ch. Q summarizes then, the Secret of the FreeMasons and the Miracle of the Mass, and in its sound, models the mechanics by which this process is achieved29. For observe that, the Q is always followed by the U, except in rare cases, which aptly denotes the Cup. And this denotes the Universal process which to Halt in order to arrive at One free of the other can only be effected with great pains.

As a final note, Q shares this power of generation with two compound glyphs, Ch and Ph which are also 10 (soft C = 3 and H = 7) and are that female half to counterbalance the male Q or F.

While S is that Serpent that Climbs the Tree of Life, Z is that lightning flash that shoots from the Crown when IT is Storm-Laden53. Traditionally seen as a sword that divides, it explodes from ON High, and in an instant, irresistible in its Force, traverses the Spheres to discharge its Might on the Ground of Earth.

29 Q sounds like Kw (e.g. kwick for quick, or kwark for quark). A further hint: KW = 90 = 30 × 3 that is the Hard C (30 akin to the Arrow) transitioning upon the soft c (3, akin to the Pregnant Goddess), that is cc as in success. Also W=60 is the Spirit, concentrated with force upon a point, K=30. Such meditations should provide ample material for experiment.

30 Any establishment, institution or government relies on the upholding of the status quo on which they were founded or have existed, even if that status quo be deleterious to its constituting members. Change is its only threat and any new development or invention or improvement is bound to be interpreted as disruptive unless that development goes directly to enhancing the means of governance. As long as the status quo -whatever it is, once established- persists, then all is well in the Empire, but whenever the ‘people’ cry and gather under a new passion, or truth or justice, then Authority exerts itself.

53 It can shatter the Tree with its blast, set it to Fire and otherwise consume it on its traversal. The only means of withstanding the Lightning Flash is to be electrical oneself. Only in this way, does the Lightning Flash charge the Body of Light, for any obstacle on its path is destroyed including the ‘non-electric’ parts of the Initiate.


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