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The Roman Script

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The Letter L

BALANCE Value: 50, 70

L is the Balance without which there could be no Movement. It resembles a Leg and a Foot in Shape: that is, the lower parts of Man, his motive power.

If the L is balanced it will sum to 70 which is the EYE in the old key; otherwise it denotes 50, the old glyph for Death.

Title Value Attribution Sex Weapon God/Goddess
The Feet   50, 70 Libra Female The Cross of Equilibrium  Maat, Themis, Vulcan, Nemesis


The Squaring of the Circle or its Failure are mysteries that correspond to the letter L, which can take two values, the Upright and the Averse depending on the letters immediately following and preceding it. Whether this letter is Averse or Upright is decided by whether the particular Balance is established or Not.

Technically, the L is said to be Balanced if it is supported on either side by the same vowel (as in Palace or Element). Otherwise, L is said to be Averse.14

14 Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelley first make mention of a special property of this letter, back in the 17th century. Their research suggested that L can sometimes be an “N that extendeth” — N which in the Old Key was the glyph for Death, which is now known to be a Gate—that this state of Death or lingering about the Threshold or Gate, can Prolong itself unnecessarily. For the failure to Square the Circle would imply Death, a release of energy into Piscean realms over which the letter N (or the Hebrew nun which in his time, equalled 50) presides. Kelley records in his journal that “Avé” explained that Dee must make up the name PARAOAN. Dee asks, “What shall become of the “L” aversed?” Avé replies “In EXARPH there wanteth an “L.” Though Dee could not anticipate this: the implication here is that when L is averse, it takes on the Value (and operation) for N in the old Key. See Dr. John Dee, A True and Faithful Relation, CASAUBON, London, England, 1659.


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