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The Roman Script

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The Letter I

A COLUMN Value: 4

I is the Ray, while A is the Star. I is the projectile and A is the wheel.6 These two are the male and female counterparts of 4.7 Its Shape indicates perfection, and the unity, whereas the A indicates the culmination or the harmony of this perfection. Both reduce the 4 to the 1: that is, the elements are synthesized herein. I is the Ray, the Beam of Light that . It is the Sword of Arthur and other Fables, and the Column of Samson. All these are interchangeable here for each of them denote the Lingam or the Phallus and their Sovereign place in the Body as Sun and Genitor.

Title Value Attribution Sex Weapon God/Goddess
The Column  4 Sagittarius Male The Arrow Nephthys, Artemis, Diana 


It is in fact, the softening8 of the I, which is responsible for many additions of letters and the transition from Latin to the Romance Languages. This ‘Iin the English gives birth to J (through union with G) and the Y sounds, and to H sounds in Spanish and modified G in French and Italian. The introduction of the letter J into English usage can be traced to Spanish influence, in which the softening of the I became a H. Thus original Iesus in Spanish (or Hay-Zeus), becomes Jesus, the letter J in Spanish denoting the English H sound. Similarly, the I in French and Italian took on a soft g instead of a j, as in gesu. The Hebrew glyph Yod, transliterated as I, also plays a contribution in J’s usage in English. An example is Hallelujah, where j retains its original ‘I’ phoneme.

6 Another interpretation: I is the shaft of the Arrow, A it’s Barb and L it’s tail. Note the formula LAILA = HADIT.

7 Note the formula LAILA already known which balances the two. Observe also that LAILA = HADIT with T final.

8 Read “the exhausting”


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