Compound Glyphs, The Great Divides & Equivalences

Compound Glyphs, The Great Divides & Equivalences

Compound Glyphs


The miracle of the mass; or Manifestation( = 93)

ST The Son (S) on the Cross or on the Altar (T) or the Serpent (Sf)on the Tree (Tf). ( = 131)54

The Eagle is in the CUP ( = 210)


H Glyphs

(H - The Castle—The Chariot 418 in the ROTA key):


The crescent Moon or the Cup or Holy Graal (C) enthroned or exalted (H). It is the High Priestess and the Symbol of the Great Work accomplished. ( = 37) 55

Ph The Mother (P - The Pregnant Goddess) enthroned (H - The Throne) ( = 10) Observe the equivalence to a phase of CH.


The Emperor (R) on his Throne (H) ( = 16)


The Son (S) Enthroned (H) and the Serpent (Sf) Crowned ( = 31; = 49)


The Cross (T) as a Weapon (H). ( = 96)


The Watchtowers ( = 67, 407) 


The Grand Equivalences

70 = Y = N The Tree of Life is the Gate of Death.
6 = Y = N  The Gate of Death is the Tree of Life.
200 = O = U  The full Moon is a Cup.56
3 = C = P  All Goddesses are Mothers. The Mother is the Goddess.
30 = C = K  The Mother is the Daughter.57


The Great Divides

, L The Averse and the Upright.
w, W Blindness / Vision
S, Sf Beneath the Great Waters / Above the Great Waters
T, Tf Sacrifice / Preservation
Y, Yc Choice
Ŏ, O Action / Passivity
N, Nf Life / Death. N is a Gate, implying it swings both Ways. It is N going In, and Nf going Out. 58


54 Note: Its value is 131 which is S final and T final (42 + 89). 131, the surrounding of the 3, Alchemically, the fire, the Serpent on the Altar (crucible) conjoined.

55 Note: The value of CH is 10 or 37, depending on whether it is soft (as in chance) or hard (as in chaos). As 37 it is the Chariot of the old glyphs and 418 fully spelt, a formula denoting the Great Work. It is that Chariot of which it is spoken, “There is no Power which endureth except in this my Chariot that descendeth from Babalon,” and this Ch is the hard c paired with the h, whose enumeration is 30 (hard c) and 7 (h) which united makes 37. Note then, the power which descends from Babalon which lies in Binah, which is the 3, which into 37 is 111 (111 = 37 × 3) and so spans the triune numbers which in themselves are balanced and so Endure.

56 In that IT is fixed and receives fully of the Light; but this moon is of a different Order: Full Moon = 788 (Babalon as Venus presiding over Mercury) while Cup = 233 (Mercury as Chokmah presiding over Babalon as Binah) [-- see section on Three Wheels] though both these imply an exchange between the Word (Mercury or Chokmah) and Babalon.

57 See the old formula for the TETRAGRAMMATION.

58 Note that this is of no help to the Student. In and Out are meaningless terms without their context; and there is no context. These are mysteries revealed to the Student in the 2nd Aire. It is a matter of Choice fulfilling the Law.