HUMANITY HAS HELD in its possession the keys to the Old Glyphs for two thousand years now. These were applied and studied with much benefit, yielding first the Hebrew systems, then the Arabic and finally the Greek. In this way, the Old Glyphs formulated the Alphabets and the mystics in turn found the mapping and concordance between the Glyph and all its manifestations not in Language alone, but extending to the Physical Sciences, and to the study of Number and Proportion, that is, of Mathematics, the Father of Sciences. The texts were revisited in light of this new Knowledge. Formulae were revealed, the mysteries deciphered and Understanding flowered in souls here and there. Armed with Knowledge, these Men and Women then return to the World to resume their Work for good or for evil, but on a grander scale, empowered as they now are and cognizant of the forces at play in the Universe, of which they now possess the Lever of.

When seen from this Historical perspective, it is not incorrect to say, that the discovery of the mapping of the Glyphs is what allowed the harvesting of that vast Abyss that opened before Us with the Birth of Knowledge that is Science and the Tumult of pitting This thought against That. It was the Glyphs and their concordance that allowed for the systemization and categorization of a seemingly endless Sea of disparate and chaotic facts (events in Nature) by revealing the Source or the Tree of which those facts are the Fruit (Laws in Nature). Thus, though each Tree is Individual and grows to its distinct Image, its growth follows a common principle. And this Discovery or Line led to the birth of Western Civilization, and created its supports, the physical sciences1 and is what has sustained humanity to this Day.

There is presently, a growing interest in the English Qabalah: English, and the Roman Script in particular, being (ostensibly) the living language of this Aeon, and thus revelatory in what concerns the New Aeon Glyphs. There is also a prescient and growing need to adjust the concordances especially those which deal with the Wheels of the Zodiac and the TARO, and how these have shifted with the Dawn of the new Aeon, and the fulfillment of the Roman Script Glyphs (or the English Qabalah), delivered fully as promised in March of 1904, through Liber CCXX among others. This rotation of the Zodiac Dial precipitates realignments of the Glyph sets and their concordances to accommodate this new Natural Order—a process which occurs every 2000 years or so.2

The key to the English Qabalah was discovered and declared openly for the first time and revealed to the public in 2008 by Emery of Montreal under the pseudonym of Samuel K. Vincent, in an untimely first edition of this book. We credit GFLO of California for his illuminated works and contribution presented here in the chapter “Cube of Space”.

Since this time, research into the Qabalah has been focused primarily on the drive toward the application and interpreting of Class A Libers and formulae—and subsequently crown the Qabalah of this Age as the flower to all those traditions Past.

As the Qabalah continues to develop, and shear off superstition and return itself to the realm of empirical Science and direct experience from which it Sprang, it will be once again like that Lamp of Invisible Light that illumines the Student’s path—a Sure and certain Means.3

— LLLLL, 8°=3

This volume is intended to serve as a general introduction to English Language Gematria for the critical and modern reader, and to act as a spur to research among Students.

We discuss the discovery of this Key, and the results of its application. We provide a short demonstration of what is revealed as it were when we convert the text to Number according to the Key discovered as substantive proof of the validity of the Key. The reader can judge for him- or herself the significance of these results.

A lexicon or numerical dictionary is also provided where words and phrases of the English Language are tabulated in order of their Value. This includes a short exploration of the mathematical and mystical properties of the numbers and the operations upon them as well as the letters of the English Alphabet or the set of Roman glyphs. An exploration of Class A libers is also presented which may be of use to the Student on the Path.

We begin with some history on the Qabalah and the alphabet systems in existence today, as well as a general and critical discourse upon the Qabalah and its practices in general.

1 We lament the need for the distinction. The Social Sciences which include Psychology and Economics and which aren’t sciences at all, have sullied the purity of the term by requiring that it now be prefaced by the term ‘physical’ in order to be meaningful.

2 See Sections on Astrology and the Procession of the Aeons for more on this.

3 Qabalah has always been and must always be born of observation. The Qabalah comes into the fore for the MT as a practical necessity, while the MT tries to Understand the concordance and the miraculous temporal synchronicities that the MT is subject to, and is often the object, or the generator of.