English Gematria Calculator

English Gematria Calculator

Welcome to English Gematria Calculator! Just enter the word or phrase you wish to have calculated and hit the button.

Some things to keep in mind:

1. Use capitals to denote initial and final values:

  • FuN (F initial and N final) = 10 + 200 + 6 = 216; while fun (no initial or final values) = 2 + 100 + 70 = 272.

2. Pay attention to phonetics:

  • Edward Alexander Crowley = 546 while Edward Alexander CrOwley = 666; (full O and hard C)

Note: it makes no difference whether a or A is entered as this letter has only value for all its states. See the following table.

3. Watch out for special cases:

  • Y is sometimes a vowel, sometimes a consonant
  • Balanced L's:
    • "theLema" = 221 and "the law" = 220


 Passive   Final   Initial   Balanced   Hard/Full/Vowel 
c       C
f   F    
l     L  
n N      
o       O
s S      
t T      
w   W    
x X X X  
y       Y

You can verify the significance of these numbers in the lexicon and through their prime factorization.


Words to calculate:  

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