Astrological Attributions of the Letters

Astrological Attributions of the Letters

Astrological Attributions

- Please refer to Notes on Astrology on this site.59

(Class C Document)


A, the Star, is that Star particular to our System, that concentration of Fire and Light that bestows Life and Beauty- the SUN.

B, the Book, which are the Breasts of Babalon, is the vessel of the Word, which is Hermes or MERCURY, the 2nd (reflected in the 8th - HOD) as Baphomet.60


C, the Womb and Sky, is AQUARIUS, the Water-Carrier, which is the Womb or the Sky which rains upon the Earth. 

D, the Bow, is VENUS, the goddess as The Empress (and so Babalon as Huntress), the 3rd (reflected in the 7th: Netzach), which is Love and the Victory (Netzach) of the propelling, penetrating force of the Arrow.

E, the Triple Flame, is that triple Sword which is AIR.

F, the Hook, is NEPTUNE ruler of the Great Sea (Binah), master of the Trident that reduces three to one. The hook is the traditional means of catching Fish.

G, the Union, is GEMINI ruled by Mercury as boy Cupid and contains the projectile Arrow of Sagittarius into the Sky womb of Aquarius.

H, the Throne, is not only the Fortress & Throne, but the Chariot & the 4 Pillars & Elements surrounding it & the Armoured Charioteer of that Castle, the House of the Moon, CANCER, the Genitor which has a hardened protective covering ITself.

I, the Arrow/Lingam/Column, is SAGITTARIUS, the projectile of the Archer (Cupid/Mercury).

♅, ♇ J, the Horn of Plenty, the Hook, the Scythe is that which sows and reaps all and corresponds to the Primum Mobile and to PLUTO (one of the Fathers Lost).
K, the Virgin, is VIRGO the Virgin wading in Water (the element ruling over this house).
L, the Foot/Balance, is Libra the scales over which VENUS presides.
M, the wave or valley, is WATER- its Element form.

N, the Gate, is SCORPIO, another house over which Water presides.
First quarter moon O, the Moon, is LUNA in both her phases.
P, the Mother, the symbol of War and of Priesthood, denotes MARS. She is Gaia or Earth, storm-laden and burdened,61 the expectant goddess who stands guard and carries with Her the Treasure and the motive of War.
Q, the Lion, is LEO, which is constituted by Fire, and whose symbol has the shape of the spermatazoon.

R, the Emperor, the exhausted Phallus, is ARIES, the Ram, that Animal noble and fierce in the lofty heights, but docile like the Lamb once fettered. It's motto is Vita and may also denote nascent Life.62

S, the Serpent or the Son, is PISCES, a fish that walks on the Water.
T, the Altar or Table, is CAPRICORN the Goat, the first of sacrificial animals: the first altars being the mountain tops where these lofty creatures enjoy grazing.
U, the Cup is SATURN as the Great Sea Binah.

V, the Horns of Power, is TAURUS, which cavorts in the Earth and is ruled by Venus. He is the Bull who comes at Spring and ploughs the Earth and Redeems it.
W, is FIRE, which is Light that gives Sight and Heat which gives Life. It is the cause of all expansive force in the Universe and the principle property of all Suns.
X, the Cross and Wheel is SATURN as Time on the Path.
Y, the Tree of the World, is Malkah the Elemental Earth in her redeemed and abased forms, and Gaia or EARTH, our Mother who hath Borne Us and given Us of her Body for nourishment. She is Life and the Symbol of Life and conceals in her Body the perfection and all the Fruits of the Tree of Life.
Z, the Lightning Flash, is JUPITER’s lightning bolt and the destructive onrush of fire that breaks down the Doors to the Palaces within the Spheres.



59 These attributions depend upon several considerations the primary of which is the transition to the Aeon III and the revolutions of the Zodiac wheel, especially as regards Aries The Ram, Aquarius The Water-Bearer (The Age of the Aeon); ATUs The Emperor, The Star and The Chariot; and the letters R, x and H as they transition from the Aeon and pre- to post-418. Also observe that in particular phases: Ch = Q = F = Ph, Y = N, P = C, etc. denoting some form astrological equivalence.

60 BREASTS (175) + OF (90) + BABALON (176, with L balanced) = 441 = 212, the operational number of a Magus, affirming this identity. See Liber B vel Magi for more on this.

61 See letter Y that shares in this attribution in one of its phases. She is our Mother who hath Borne Us and given Us of her Body for nourishment.

62 ITs key in the ROTA is The Emperor, which portrays the Principle of Government in action and properly describes the cycle of the phallus or the brute male force. Note the cross in its lower parts formed by the Emperor legs, implying the impotence of material authority (See Tf = 89 in the new Aeon and the transition of Tzaddi and the Black Brothers which this Card conceals in its Lower Parts: the T of the Emperor’s crossed legs) and the coming of Chaos, for this Emperor is the one seated within the Tower of the ROTA key of Mars.