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The Roman Script

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The Letter C

THE WOMB Value: 3, 30
C is the glyph of NUIT. It is the over-arching of the Night Sky (even the Crescent of the Moon, after another manner); it is the womb and in a sense represents the Cup manifest in one of its more immediate and practical incarnations. For the first Sky of Man is the wall of the Womb, and the Gash in the Sky from which the Light pours in is the Yoni, and all these symbols are interchangeable here.

As a yoni, or a womb, or a Cup, it is necessarily modified in character by that which is poured into it, or that which it contains. Hence we see that the C glyph takes on two distinct phonetic existences: It can be Soft or Yielding, as in the word Celebration; or Hard and Active as in the word Cat. As a general rule, the C is Soft when followed by one of the male vowels, E or I as in the words cease, cent, ice, or dice. In this case, C takes the value of 3, which is also P, the Pregnant Goddess.

When followed by one of the female vowels A, O or U, it is usually ‘hard’. Examples are case, cane, cone, copper, etc. In this case C takes on the Value of 30 which is K, its homophone, holy to DIANA the Huntress, and even BABALON.

Title Value Attribution Sex Weapon God/Goddess
The Womb 3, 30 Aquarius Female The Censer or Aspergillus Nuit, Athena, Juno

C was born of a modified G. Tz or tzaddi of the Hebrews (which was later abbreviated in sound to ‘s’ and ‘z’) also plays role in the adoption of this glyph particularly when c is ‘soft’ as in the words “once” or “face”.11

Hard C, Soft C—This is a simple case of phonetics, the hard c and k being homophones are given the same value12. In fact, the letter C has no distinct phonetic existence. When soft as in the word “cedar” it is phonetically, an S; when hard as in “case” it is phonetically equivalent to a K.

11 See Section on The Living Key later in this book.
12 However, the attentive Student will note either the addition of a k to a word terminating in c (as in magick) and the growing tendency of people to replace c with a k in alternate spellings of a name or catch-phrase. In this way, “kool” is cooler than “cool” and “Karla” is sexier than “Carla”. Most Ad and PR firms exploit this truth. Instinctively aware of this development, they use its power to attract attention. Finally, by employing it, and disseminating its use, advertisers themselves contribute to the advance of this evolution.


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