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The Roman Script

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The Letter R


R, the Emperor is the establishment. It manifests institutional authority and political government and symbolizes all that resists Change.30 R is the abortive Birth: the I emanating from the Pregnant Goddess (P) and hitting Ground. Its glyph is 9 which illustrates not only this re-birthing but also that particular refusal to change under combination with other elements. Thus the recursive sum on the digits of the product of 9 with any other number is again 931; so that whatever is born of 9 is 9 again and Progress that is Life itself, is halted. In this way, what is Born of the R or Authority is born Dead, and that Authority survives only by replicating and assimilating.

Finally, R is the Phallus, flaccid or exhausted as its shape denotes both in the lower case (r, flaccid) and the uppercase (R, fallen); and by its number 9, which also resembles the profile of the flaccid male genitalia (the testicles and lingam in profile). In all cases, the ultimate impotence of Authority is implied.

Title Value Attribution Sex Weapon God/Goddess
The Emperor  9 Aries Male The Horns, Energy, the Burin  Isis, Minerva


Note also how this R is troublesome rendering impotent the W, which is the Vision and the Voice (VV or W)32 (see the Letter W) and eliminates that Fire by which Light and Heat and Sight are possible.

Traditionally, a Solar glyph, we now know that the Sun, a Star, like other Stars is but One in the Body of Nuit. It’s phasing from 200 to 9 in the new key, denotes the end or impotence of the cosmocentric ideal, and the paternal. authoritarian systems of old. The new key gives U the Cup for 200, and reveals a new perspective for R, the Osirian Gods, which are now Exhausted.

30 Any establishment, institution or government relies on the upholding of the status quo on which they were founded or have existed, even if that status quo be deleterious to its constituting members. Change is its only threat and any new development or invention or improvement is bound to be interpreted as disruptive unless that development goes directly to enhancing the means of governance. As long as the status quo -whatever it is, once established- persists, then all is well in the Empire, but whenever the ‘people’ cry and gather under a new passion, or truth or justice, then Authority exerts itself.

31 E.g.: 9 * 146 = 1314; 1 + 3 + 1 + 4 = 9. Consider 9 x where x denotes multiplication and m1,m2 , denote the digits of any integer number. Then if n1n2n3. ... nj = 9 x then the recursive sum of n1n2n3. ... nj always equals 9. We omit the proof, but can take any two numbers by way of example for clarification: 9 x 23 = 207 and 2 + 0 + 7 = 9; or 9 x 146 = 1314 and 1 + 3 + 1 + 4 = 9; a final example: 9 x 63 = 567 and 5 + 6 + 7 = 18 and 1 + 8 = 9). Finally note how the suffix ‘er’ denote a superlative (e.g. quick and quicker), again repeats the idea with an incremented degree of materialization (quicker manifests the idea of ‘quick’ further). Note ‘er’ = 10: the Malkuth or the material plane. The same applies for the prefix ‘re’ which denotes a repetition or reinforcement.

32 We have the words wreck, write, wrap, etc, as an illustration. See Letter W.


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