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The Roman Script

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The Letter W

THE EYES Value: 60, 400

Another late addition to the language, this letter at the beginning of a Word always denotes the free flow of Energy as evinced by its sound – the Mouth opening wide and the air passing unrestricted (as in Wah, Weh, Wuh, etc) and expresses the free flow of force of the letter F which fathered it.

Its value is that of 60, that is Tiphareth or Human Consciousness into Malkuth, the material plane. It is the source of Intelligent Life and mystically corresponds to Vision and Voice, whose two V’s constitute the W.

Called the “Double U”, when activated, it takes on the value of 40041 which is the totality of the Universe, and as Tau IT is the Crucifixion, and in Shape IT denotes the two Eyes of Horus, like pins, or hot brands in Thine Head, that see into the Horizon and are fixed on Eternity, and are like two Cups42 that pour forth the Golden Light to Brighten the World.

W is silent when it precedes R, which is the exhaustion, or the Sleep of Shi-Lo-Am for the righteous43 wherein the Eye of the Mind is ostensibly shut.

Note also that two hard cs or two ks (arrow hitting their targets each constituting a pin), or a ‘ck’, denote a ‘w’ which in all four cases are 60, denoting this double fixing, or the pinning of the separate poles wherein the Wheel turns.

Title Value Attribution Sex Weapon God/Goddess
The Eyes 60, 400 Fire Male The Wand or Lamp, Pyramid of Fire Kabeshunt, Horus, Hades, Vulcan, Pluto


The W is in a sense unique to English. There are only four other European languages that employ W in words native to their language, and these five use the letter to denote yet other sounds that not known in English. This is suggestive of the glyph’s modernity. For the German and the Polish, the w is closer to the voiced labio-dental fricative of the letter , thus employing the teeth and the tongue to restrict the free-flow of air evinced in the English. Instead, the Polish employ a symbol very much like the averse L (Ł) to denote the /w/ sound as we have it in English. In Cyrillic, the W sound is denoted with a y shaped glyph, while in Welsh, the W can represent a vowel as well as a consonant, and in Finland the “W” hasn’t been born of the V yet, and is still viewed as a mere variant of “V” and not a separate letter.44

41 U + U = 200 + 200 = 400 = W

42 U is the Cup, which reflects light and allows for Vision.

43 A foul word and not to be interpreted in its usual sense : Righteousness implies Separation not Love.

44 This is always the case when the effect of a glyph is perceived but not isolated or understood: Humanity seeks to relate the unknown to something it knows. Until it separates the action of its combination with other elements, it sees the new glyph as modifications or variations of an existing glyph.


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