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The Roman Script

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The Letter U

THE CUP (THE URN) Value: 200

So much has been said and hinted at concerning this glyph, that there is little to add for what may be of practical use. Legends of the Graal39, of the Cup of Babalon and others are essentially representations of this glyph in form of legend and folk-tale.

However, some oversights are prevalent, and certain other practicalities are often overlooked by rasher Students. Note for instance, that the Cup as IT is, possesses not only the Power to contain and restrain liquids into shape (that is, give them Form), but also all ground or powdered solids (or ash, in the case of the Urn). In the case of the liquid (the most immediate application), the Student will notice that the Cup must be still, that is Fixed, for Reflection on the liquid’s surface to be possible. The slightest vibration sends the liquid in the Cup to Motion, and the rippling of the liquid distorts the Image into hellish and obscene caricatures of the True Reflection. The importance of this fact can not be overstated.

Title Value Attribution Sex Weapon God/Goddess
The Cup  200 Saturn Female Yoni, the Outer Robe of Concealment [The Cup, the Shining Star] Maut, Nephthys, Demeter, Hera 


U often succeeds Q. Note that the U is prevalent everywhere without the Q, but that Q, has trouble appearing without the U at its Side. Q and Ch represent the male and female counterparts of That which the U contains. They are each 10, and there union is 20 (the G – the Yoni satisfied), which together with the the Cup or U, is 220, The Law.

Observe also that U = Q x G. 

39 The Graal is Nemo and refers to the initiate at such a stage. It does not denote a historical fact, but a process continually present and incarnating in the Universe.


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