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The Roman Script

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The Letter T

THE TABLE, THE ALTAR Value: 89, 98

T is the table upon which the Banquet is laid; and T is the Altar where the Sacrifice is made. When final it is the Altar, and takes the value of 89. Otherwise, it is 98, and a Table. Both imply Stability and a grounding in the Four. And this grounding can be beneficial or detrimental given the particular case.

Title Value Attribution Sex Weapon God/Goddess
The Table, The Altar 89, 98  Capricorn Male The Secret Force, Lamp Set, Khem, Pan


These two values denote new introductions into the Key—as these values have never before in History had a single symbol attributed to them. These glyphs then, denote universal revelations particular to this Aeon and represent as such, advances in the evolution of the species as a whole. These are demoted / promoted from 90 or the Tzaddi in the old key and deal with questions concerning the ROTA, ATU IV and other critical matters discussed at length later in this book36.

The T final is distinct. The T elsewhere in a word denotes an explosive release of energy; it takes on an entirely different character at the end of the word. It is the most sudden and violent of the terminations and denotes in this case an implosion, or the reverse effect, the value of which is the corresponding reversal of the digits of its usual numerical attribution.37 It takes the value of 89, a prime, traditionally associated with the “Wrong” kind of Silence38. Otherwise it is taken as 98 in value.

36 See Notes on the Procession of the Aeons. Essentially, these two forms of T arise from a split of T and Tz. Simple addition can verify this for us: Tzaddi = 90, which is transliterated as Tz and contains not only the ‘T’ but also the ‘Z’, the Lightning Flash, which the Key now releases as an independent variable, so that we have Tf Tzaddi; and T Tzaddi + Z. Now Tzaddi = 90 and Tzaddi + Z = 97 which together are 187 = T + Tf.

37 T = 98, T final = 89

38 That of those who are drowned before the vine is planted - technically called the Black Brothers. Being the Name of a thing, we’ll leave it to the interested Student to calculate its Number. The 'right' kind of silence would correspond to a free-flow of Will, and would be more akin to an inner peace which may manifest itself vociferously depending on the Need.


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