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The Roman Script

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The Letter X

THE WHEEL, THE CROSS Value: 9, 300

As a cross, the ‘x’ is the counterpart to the R and the ideas summarized in the numeral 9, especially as these relate to what has been said concerning the exhaustion of the Osirian Gods, i.e. the resurrecting gods, garnered under the symbol of the Cross. As the Wheel, the ‘X’ is 300 which is Spirit45, that which harmonizes and consecrates the four elements46 into one. For this Wheel contains the Cross on its Axle, but now the Cross moveth and Spinneth like the whirling Sword (the original Aleph) whenever that Wheel in set in motion and so causeth Change.47

Title Value Attribution Sex Weapon God/Goddess
The Wheel  9, 300 Saturn Male A Sickle Sebek, Terminus, Saturn 


The letter X, a very modern addition and problematic, is sometimes a Z (xylophone) sometimes a ks (tax) yet others like a gz (exert, execute), gsh (luxurious), and ksh (noxious). Via the Greek, it came to the English language where it originally denoted a sound identical to Z.

45 300 = Shin, Spirit, symbolized by a Wheel. See pages 17-18.

46 See Ordeal ‘x’ discussed in The Living Key chapter in this book.

47 It has been the claim of an enlightened School that an ordeal awaits the Student upon the Path concerning this letter. This ordeal, which the Adept chooses to take up or not, once having passed, results in the transfiguration of the “Five Wounds” into Wheels. For these “winners of the Ordeal X” as it is written, the X is set at 300 for what remains of their physical Life.


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