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The Roman Script

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The Letter B

THE BOOK Value: 6

B is the first of three “Stable” glyphs whose value is 65, The lower case “b” denotes the 6 in its shape,6 which corresponds to its numerical value. ‘B’ uppercase, is The Book, fanned Open, which as can be seen by its Shape is Open to All. By another Means, IT is also the Breasts of Babalon, also Open to All, and Him Alone. Traditionally associated with the “Word” it denotes the Word Spoken7 (not the Word living, or made Flesh) and is that Falseness and Illusion which is the Highest truth below the Veil of the Abyss and lights the happy, balanced, golden character of Tiphareth.

Title Value Attribution Sex Weapon God/Goddess
The Book 6 Mercury Male  Cauduceus, Pen Hermes, Mercury 

Mystically, B is the glyph for the Conversation of the HGA. Its appearance in Formulae such as BABALON for instance, announces the Conversation as the catalyzing initial step, which is again revisited8 before Balance is achieved and ON is opened, and the N is set to vibration9 as is described in Book 418 and Liber Trigrammaton in this book. Finally observe that B in the old Key is beth, which spelt in full equals Book.10

5 The others are Z, Nf
6 b and 6: symbols denoting a wheel taking its light from above.
7 Note: The Name Babalon = Breasts of Babalon = 441 a number necessary to the birth of a Magus. [The Name Babalon = 106 + 115 + 156 = 221 + 156 = THELEMA + BABALON, pre-418; but post-418, we have N non-final as per 2nd Aire where N
continueth, so that Babalon = 220, and now, “The Name Babalon” = 221 + 220 = 441], [Breasts of Babalon = 106 + 175 + 90 + 176 (L balanced) = 441]. See the Living Key chapter in this book for more on this and similar matters.
8 In the 8th Aethyr.

9 See Book 418 and Liber Trigrammaton included in this book for more on these exalted matters. Note that we can arrive at an explication of formulae via the description of the letters: BABALON which is the 7-fold word of BINH to equilibrate the 4-fold of Chokmah (KAOS) can be now seen as B: Knowledge of the HGA (in the 20th Aethyr); A: The Light Established; B: Conversation of the HGA (in the 9th Aethyr) A: The Light Established; L: The Balance Achieved; O: The Egg of Spirit Formulated (The Process Completed) and N: The Gate or the Way made Open.
Finally observe that etymologically, Babalon signifies the Gate (babal) to ON. And note that historically ON was known as Heliopolis to the Greeks.
10 Beth is beth-heh-tau spelt in full as byt hh faw = (2 +10 + 400) + (5 + 5) + (9 +1+ 6) = 438 = 8 + 200 + 200 + 30 = Book, etc. See Notes on Letter A.


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