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The Roman Script

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The Letter O

THE MOON Value: 80, 200

The O is the Moon, the reflective nature of Water and the Egg of Spirit. It is also the Universe or the reflective nature of Consciousness. The Cup is implied in both cases, and so reflection (= projection) is the basis of the operation. Like the Cup, the Moon is Full when directly facing the Sun. Only then does it Receive fully of its Light and is wholly Illumined. It shines Golden in the Day like the Cup, which is 20025 and Resh in the old Key, a glyph receptive to the Sun. And in the Sky at Night, it is the Splendour into the Kingdom which is 8 (the 8th sphere - Splendour) into 10 (the Kingdom or Material Plane) or 80. These two states correspond phonetically to the long and short phases of this vowel.26

Title Value Attribution Sex Weapon God/Goddess
The Moon 80, 200 Luna Female Bow and Arrow  Chomse, Artemis, Hekaté, Diana


O can be 80 or 200, which correspond to its two phonetic phases. At 80 the Egg is Fertilized, the Eye is Established, the Yoni is Fulfilled.27 At 200, the Earth is Parched, the Eye is Closed, the Yoni is in Travail. As 200 it is solar—impregnated with the force of 120, while at 80 it is Mercurial in character as evidenced by the Horns.28

25 See Letter U and Resh in the old Key: a glyph receptive to the Sun.

26 It is 80 when short as in song, and 200 when long as in stone.

27 These symbols being interchangeable here.

28 The symbol for Mercury is the symbol of Venus crowned with the Crescent Moon, or Horns of Power.


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