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The Roman Script

See the Lexicon and try our Calculator for in depth analyses. See the Tables and Trees for concordances and attributions.

The Letter E

E is the Light, the Breath and the Fire in One. The First of the Letters, it is the Foundation of all other glyphs and replaces the aleph as the First. It is the source of all that is intelligible and has the power of softening the other vowels as well as consonants, while hardening itself. 13

Title Value Attribution Sex Weapon God/Goddess
The Triple Sword 1 Air Male  Cauduceus, Pen Harpocrates, Zeus, Jupiter

13 E.g. hardening itself: bed vs. beed; hardening other vowels: bad vs. bade, grim vs. grime, nod vs. node, fuzz vs. fuze, softening consonants: case vs. cease, etc.


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