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The Roman Script

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The Letter F

THE AXE Value: 2, 10

F is the first of the “lost” father letters, now re-instated with the English Key. It is from F, that U is born; and together they gave birth to the V which in turn fathered the W1. And IT required P, the Pregnant Goddess in order to accomplish This.2

Title Value Attribution Sex Weapon God/Goddess
The Axe 2, 10 Neptune Male  The Sword  Ares, Poseidon, Janus


Once considered an axe, at other times a club; and a pin to the Hebrews: F is in reality the source of which all these are the result or fruit. F is Force. F is breath. F is one of three fricatives in the English Language. The others are S and Th which like the F require air to be forcefully expelled between the upper teeth and the lower lip (labio-dental fricative).

The nature of this force is double, or as is said, it is double-wanded. As 2, it is the force that divide. It is the Axe or the hatchet which makes 2 of 1 (e.g. in the act of splitting a single log in two). And this ‘f’ is the division between the Waters Above and the Waters Below the Firmament; it is the Aethyr, or the Aire by which Vision, Hearing, Distance and in a sense, Time, are made Possible.3

When Initial it is 10, which is Ph its homophone (3 + 7), and is the female counterpart to the 2 (the 1 0, that is the Lingam standing by the Yoni), the Pregnant Goddess (P) enthroned (H).

1 See letters U,V and W in this chapter for more on this mystery.

2 The Student will note the transition in the Latin of the p into the f of English as in pater for father, pedis for foot. The Greeks overcame the difficulty by appending an h to the P, hence the ph equivalent to the English F in Greek-derived words such as phonograph, telephone, physics, etc.

3 This reveals further revisions in the old formulae. IAO, which was revealed to be FIAOF to correct the short-sightedness of IAO, which was enumerated at 93, is in actually 220, the generalized law and not a specific formula.


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