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The Roman Script

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The Letter J


J is the Last. As the Last, it is also the First. for the First and the Last are One on the Wheel. Its Shape denotes a turning of a corner, and contains in it, like the Crescent, a portion of the Circle. This letter was Born from the Union of G acting upon the male I9 and phonetically equates to the softened G and this action upon the I produces an “arching” of its lower Parts to transform into the J. The projectile which once pierced, now drags, pulls and suspends, and becomes a Hook to Gore the Flesh, a Plough to till the Earth, and a Rake to Reap.10 It is the fruits of the Labor of this Hook, this Plough, this Rake that fills the Horn of Plenty.

Title Value Attribution Sex Weapon God/Goddess
The Horn of Plenty, The Hook  1, 5 Pluto Male Swastika or Fylfot Cross, Crown Ptah, Asar un Nefer, Hadith, Iacchus


The Letter J is the last of the letters to be included in the modern English Alphabet (V comes just before). It is also one of only of two affricates in the collection of English Language sounds (the other is Ch as in Chain, but not hard as in Chaos.)

It is in the 17th Century that J makes its first appearance in the English Language. It took 150 years after that, before it was accepted. Until then, J was viewed not as a letter in itself but as a mere variant of I. In fact, J succeeds I in order of the English Alphabet because it was essentially born of it. The same holds for the letter V which was born of the U, and so was inserted after it. Consonants are typically inserted after their mother (or father) vowels.

9 See Letter I - Notes

10 As the Hook, it has the Power to fasten itself to an object and is the traditional means of catching large Fish and especially of baiting Fish. Observe the prominence of the letter in most Christian formulae (Christ as the Son is ‘S’ or Piscean - the Fish. Note his many miracles involving Fish: His ‘walking on water’, his multiplying fish and loaves; his own declaration as a ‘fisher of men’) : from Jehovah, Joseph, Jesus, Joshua, Job, John, James, etc.


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