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The Roman Script

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The Letter N

A GATE Value: 6, 70

N is a Gate, which is the Threshold; and it is the glyph, which in the past has been traditionally associated with Death—that Death that is Regeneration or New Life. It takes on two possible values: 6 or 70 depending on which side of the gate One is ON19. And that Gate that is N, is the Gate that the Key ON (which is 150) opens, and which opened from one side is 156 (150 + Nf) and from the other 220 (150 + N) which are both BABALON so that the Gate is also the Key.20

Title Value Attribution Sex Weapon God/Goddess
The Gate  6, 70 Scorpio Male The Pain of the Obligation  Typhon,Thanatos Mars 


For the purposes of Gematria, the letter N takes two values depending on its position21. Its value is 70 except when it terminates a word or a phrase (appears as the last letter) as in “Man” or “Babylon”. In this latter case, it takes on the value of 6 and becomes a Z, which is the Lightning Flash22, by falling on its side23. This addition contains a new key to the Mysteries of Death, which loses its Aspect of Terror for Humanity, and is discussed in greater length under the letter Y. Later we will see how the letter Y, the Tree of the World, which is the Tree of Life, ultimately culminates in one of the two possible values for N24 which is the Gate that the balancing of the L (i.e. the squaring of the circle) opens.

19 Babalon etymologically equivalent to the Gate (Babal) ON and BABAL ON = 156 with N final, and 220 otherwise. Passage through the second Aire opens this Gate and so sets the letter into vibration. See LIber 418.

20 For Babal = 70 = N

21 It is the first letter to take a final value. The other two are S and T, as will be seen shortly. A discussion on the significance of final values is presented separately.

22 Z = 6 suggests the lightning bolt in shape.

23 The Falling of N on its Side, or the N final, which is 6. In shape, an N is a Z on its side and vice-versa.

24 See Letters Y and L.


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