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The Roman Script

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The Letter V


Resembling Horns in shape, V is the glyph of that which born of the skull, gores the flesh and uproots the tree. It’s value is 80, which is that of the soft O, or the new or crescent moon, its corresponding female glyph. Note that both glyphs resemble these horns in shape.40

Title Value Attribution Sex Weapon God/Goddess
The Horns  80 Taurus Male The Labor of Preparation, The Throne & the Altar  Asar, Osiris, Eros


A fricative like the F, and one of the last letters along with the J to be included into the standardized listing of the English Alphabet, it’s original usage was that of an initial U. Thus whenever the letter u appeared at the beginning of a word (e.g. upon) it was written with a ‘v’ (vpon). Born from its mother vowel the U, it was placed immediately after it.

40 The difference between these letters and their correspondents on the pole of the sexes, is in their shape at the root. U and C are right angle images of each other, and differ from the V only at the base, which in the latter case resolves to a point and in the case of the U is a continuous, smooth arc.


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