Tables & Concordances

* It is to be noted that the “forces” whether they be elemental, planetary or cosmic pertaining to each letter, do not necessarily coincide with the manifestations of the Aethyrs, but may overlap a number of consecutive Aethyrs (this will be indicated in the table below) or otherwise precede the Aethyr itself as a necessary sensorium or medium to the Aethyr’s manifestation.

Note: The first column is Witnessed from the perspective of Kether; the second from Malkuth, i.e. one is ascending in degrees of manifestation while the other descends.






Here is Nothing under its three forms. It is not, yet informeth all things.

E - The Triple Light, the Triple Flame

1. The final manifestation. All leads up to the Crowned Child, Horus, the Lord of the New Æon.


Now cometh the glory of the Single One, as an imperfection and stain.

f– Breath


2. The understanding of the Curse, that is become a Blessing. The final reward of the M.T., his marriage even with Babalon Herself. The paean thereof.,


But by the Weak One the Mother was it equilibrated.

Soft C, P – The Pregnant Goddess

▀▀  ▀▀

3. The Magician. Exhibition of the Guards to the Higher Knowledge.


Also the purity was divided by Strength, the force of the Demiurge.

I – The Projectile, A – The Five Fold Star


4. Further concerning the Magus. The marriage of Chaos (I) with the purified Virgin (A).



And the Cross was formulated in the Universe that as yet was not.

J- The Hook, The Horn of Plenty

▀▀  ▀▀

5. The reception of the M.T. among the Brethren of the A A; the manifestation of the Arrow.  


But now the Imperfection became manifest, presiding over the fading of perfection.

Nf – The Gate, B – The Book2



Also the Woman arose, and veiled the Upper Heaven with her body of stars.

Z, -  The Lightning Flash,  Yc - The Tree

▀▀▀  ▀▀▀

6. A shadowing-forth of the grade of Magus.




7. The Virgin become the Bride, the great Reward of the Ceremony.

Also an adumbration of the Further Progress.

N, B







Now then a giant arose, of terrible strength; and asserted the Spirit in a secret rite.

H – The Fortress



8. The fuller manifestation of the Holy Guardian Angel.

(Note the compound glyphs that later arise: CH, PH, SH, TH, WH)


And the Master of the Temple balancing all things arose; his stature was above the Heaven and below Earth and Hell.

D – The Bow3


▀▀  ▀▀

9. The M.T. hath passed the Abyss, and is led to the Palace of the Virgin redeemed from Malkuth unto Binah.


10. The Abyss.



Against him the Brothers of the Left-hand Path, confusing the symbols. They concealed their horror [in this symbol];

x - The Cross

▀▀  ▀▀



for in truth they were 

R -  The Phallus exhausted


▀▀  ▀▀

11. Now cometh the Frontier of the Holy City; the M.T. is taken into the Abyss.





12. The Second Mystery: the cup-bearer of Babalon the beautiful. The Holy Grail manifested to the M.T., with the first knowledge of the Black Brothers.

(They have withheld their blood from her Cup, and so remain as they were, exhausted and not reborn, having attempted to preserve the shell of the dead ego, that is Choronzon.)











The master flamed forth as a star and set a guard of Water in every Abyss.

F, Q, CH, PH

F – An Axe, Q – The Lion, CH, PH

▀▀  ▀▀

▀▀  ▀▀

13. The emergence of Nemo into the world; his work therein. This is the first mystery revealed to an M.T.


A guard of water in every abyss, the four watchtowers: F, Q, Ch, Ph.The Frontier is guarded by the Four Watchtowers here represented elementally by F, Q, Ch and Ph. (Air, Fire, Water, Earth)



 Also certain secret ones concealed the Light of Purity in themselves, protecting it from the Persecutions.


G – Union



14. The Shrine of Darkness. Final initiation into grade of M. T.

See Liber 418 for this doctrine on Understanding as Darkness and how Emptiness prevents the formation of images and how mass, which is resistance, is required in order to reflect light and so illuminate the environment. “… and so perfect Understanding is darkness.”

To understand is ultimately to unite. It is to be noted however, He who seeks BINH, must Understand All (that is stand-under) and so passes under, that is He goes underground. He submerges according to his element, crashing through the Crust of Earth, into the Waters that are the Deserts that are the Caverns which are Peaks in Hell. For all is seen from the averse until the 2nd Aethyr. (See the letter M, or the 17th to 19th Aethyrs.)


Likewise also did certain sons and daughters of Hermes and of Aphrodite, more openly 

K– The Virgin, Ck –The Mother Goddess


▀▀  ▀▀

15. The mystic dance by Salome. The new Temple, the signs of the grades are received and the A.E. rejected.

… did certain sons (K) and daughters (C) (see w or CK =60)


But the Enemy confused them. They pretended to conceal that Light, that they might betray it, and profane it. 

S – The Serpent

▀▀  ▀▀


 16. The sacrifice is made. The High Priestess (image of Babalon) (hard C ♀) cometh forth upon her Beast (K– The Virgin %) and maketh this.

CH, KH : The symbol of balance: “the Wisdom of Him that sets his Balance in the ever-changing Airs”. Note 37: a ram’s head and a goat’s, horns entangled, caught in their leap, their bodies arching over the gates to a garden. 37 spans all triune numbers and is the foundation of Aleph and a number of Kether. (111 = 37 x 3; 222 = 37 x 6; etc.)


Yet certain holy nuns concealed the secret in songs upon the lyre.

M – The Wave, The Valley

▀▀  ▀▀

▀▀  ▀▀

17. The symbol of the Balance is now given unto the Aspirant.

Certain holy nuns: See above; CH, KH the High Priestess enthroned engenders the Symbol of Balance : 40, the Hanged Man. (note: the transition from 401 to 441, ie. From (20x20) + 1 into (20+1) x (20+1)* requires the addition of 40 = M.

Note: Balance = 8 + 4+ 70+4+70+3+1 = 156 + 4 = 160 = M x 4 that is, onto the material plane; and note the procession that rests upon this pivot: S, SH, (CH, KH), M, Sf, SfH = 260 = M + 220 (The Law), so that M divides S and Sf via K, the Virgin and Hard C, the Mother where both are established and enthroned with Power (KH,CH). See Sf and Sh below.

Note: the Procession of the Qabalah through the Aeons pivots through this point. *See notes on the Procession of the Aeons.


Now did the Horror of Time pervert all things, hiding the Purity with a loathsome thing, a thing unnameable.

Sf –The Son



18. The Vault of preparation for the Ceremony of M.T The Veil is the Crucifixion, symbol of the dead Æon. The first ordeal is undergone.

S becomes Sf, through M (or S is hung in M and so becomes Sf). In this process, he is united to the Angel, H, in both phases as SH (=31) and SfH (=49)



The Resurrection

19. Now cometh forth the Angel who giveth instruction, in the lowest form. The Hegemone in the Ceremony of Magister Templi which the Seer is about to undergo.

Via SH, the balance is established even if aversely (for he Hangs upside down and so sees everything aversely). See following the 2nd aethyr in which this is finally revealed.



Yea, and there arose sensualists upon the firmament, as a foul stain of storm upon the sky.

L averse4


▀▀  ▀▀

L averse is equivalent to Nun = 50, the number of the gates of Understanding and the glyph for Death. This should be suggestive to the Aspirant as to the law directing the flow of life and of death.



And the Black Brothers raised their heads; yea, they unveiled themselves without shame or fear.

w – Vision5 (CK)

▀▀  ▀▀


20. A guide is given to the Seer, his Holy Guardian Angel. And this is attained by a mastery of the Universe conceived as a wheel The Hiereus in the Ceremony of Magister Templi.

The act of unveiling not only reveals the concealed face, but also uncovers the eyes and yields Vision.

Note how the male current is absent here. The passivity required for perfect receptivity in BINH for Understanding to be achieved now bars the aspirant from the crown. He must move.



21. This seems to be the Vision of God face to face that is the necessary ordeal for him who would pass the Abyss, as it were. A commission to be the prophet of the Æon arising is given to the Seer. The God is the Hierophant in the Ceremony of Magister Templi



Also there rose up a soul of filth and of weakness, and it corrupted all the rule of the Tao.

Tf (The Altar)6

▀▀  ▀▀

▀▀  ▀▀

L – The Balance divides T and Tf.










Then only was Heaven established to bear sway; for only in the lowest corruption is form manifest.

L – Balance – A Foot





Also did Heaven manifest in violent light, 

N – The Gate, Yv - The Tree



▀▀  ▀▀

22. Here is the First Key to the formula of Horus, a sevenfold arrangement. A shadow of Horus declares his nature.*

The Gate to ‘the great god ON’ – the Balancing of the Ls

(NOTE: L AVERSE + L = 50 + 70 =120 = (Aeon II ON or Nun + Ayin)

L upright and the establishment of the Balance in Air: “It is the letter I in this Æthyr that gives this vision, and L is its purity, and N is its energy. “LIBER CDXVIII, THE CRY OF THE 22NDÆTHYR, WHICH IS CALLED LIN. Note I, the yod, is to be interpreted as Y here.


23. Here appear the Cherubim, the other officers of the new Temple, the earth (Y) and water(N)* assistants of the fire and air Beast and Scarlet Woman.

*Scorpio is Water sign.













And in soft light.

O – The Moon


▀▀  ▀▀



Then were the waters gathered together from the heavens, 

V – The Horns of Power7

▀▀  ▀▀



24. Now appears his mate, the heavenly Venus, the Scarlet Woman (0), who by men is thought of as Babalon (0) as he is thought of as Chaos (V).


Note the transition from O-C and V-K, in this union of Opposites. See Aethyr 16.








25. Appearance of the Lion God of Horus, the child of Leo that incarnates him. The first Angel is Isis its mother.



And a crust of earth concealed the core of flame.

T – The Table


▀▀  ▀▀

▀▀  ▀▀

Note: Tf+IT+T=89+93+98=280, the severities associated with Pe (Mars).

96, 105


26. The death of the past Æon, that of Jehovah and Jesus; ends with adumbration of the new, the vision of the Stele of Ankh-f-n-khonsu, whose discovery brought about in a human consciousness the knowledge of the Equinox of the Gods, 21. 3. 04.






Around the globe gathered the wide air,

U – The Cup


▀▀  ▀▀


27. Hecate appears—her son, the son of a Virgin, a magus, is to bring the Æon to pass. And she, the herald, her function fulfilled, withdraws within her mystic veil.   





And men began to light fires upon the earth. 

W – The Eyes (Spirit)

▀▀  ▀▀

▀▀  ▀▀


28. Now is a further and clearer shadowing-forth of the Great Mystery of the Æon which is to be led up to by the Æthyrs.

Observe how the W and X are interchanged in position as per Liber Al vel Legis. This process is essentially processed through the S and T, the union of which is concealed in the glyph ST=131. We have two cases for interpreting this ST in the old Aeon. ST as (1) Samech, Tau or as (2) Shin, Teth. But this is (1) Samech = 60 and Tau = 400)or (w,W) ; and (2) Shin = 300 and Teth = 9 or (X,x). These glyph substitutions imply a grand scale operation in the procession of the Aeons.


Therefore was the end of it sorrow; yet in that sorrow a sixfold star of glory whereby they might see to return unto the stainless Abode; yea, unto the Stainless Abode.

X – The Wheel8

▀▀  ▀▀

▀▀  ▀▀

▀▀  ▀▀

29. The disturbance of Equilibrium caused by the Coming of the Æon.

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