Synchronicity & Coincidence

Synchronicity & Coincidence

Though we will define synchronicity more precisely and technically for our needs, synchronicity is generally seen as the simultaneous occurrence of two ‘meaningfully-connected’ but ‘acausal’ events.

When we say ‘meaningfully-connected’ we denote a meaning ascribed by the observer to the event, and this is independent of whether or not the event inherently carries such meaning with it, or whether this is projected onto the event by the observer. We will later distinguish between these two.

Qabalah & Syncreticism

In statistics, apophenia is known as a Type I error, the identification of false patterns in data. It is the experience of seeing meaningful patterns or connections in random or meaningless data and has come to represent the human tendency to see patterns even when none are present. Addicts, paranoids, fanatics, scientific, political or religious bigots et al, exhibit this behaviour markedly and grow excited at any attempt to examine the rationality or source of their Belief. Any colouring of Consciousness will in fact lead to this error. Any unresolved passion, any emotion, imbalance, imperfection, weakness or strength, affects consciousness. The virture of the Qabalah, and Gematria is that it is impossible to deceive oneself in simple calculations which can be repeatedly tested, no matter how temporarily imbalanced one may be. But the Qabalah is more than Number and Letter alone, but the full perception of the Universe and containing this structure and Understanding in the mind. This is why it is said that the QBLH is rightly of the MT alone,41 for pure spirit is Black like the Body of Space. And just as light travels through Space invisibly (that is without lighting it) until it hits upon a planet or some other gross material, so Purity presents no obstacle to the passage of Light, and because there is no reflection of Light, there is no Image.

Synchronicity and Syncreticism in a Time-Series

Instead of being a “rare” phenomenon, as some suggest, synchronicity is all-pervasive, for all events are causally connected, at least ultimately. The occasional dramatic coincidence we notice is only the materialization of subtler energies that otherwise go unnoticed. Though omnipresent, these correspondences tend to become obvious to us only in the case of the most startling coincidences. There is even a bias error ever-prevalent—for it seems to the observer that the more improbable the coincidence, the more significant the event. This presupposes an acting agent in Nature, for the more improbable the event, the more effort it takes to realize, the more extraordinary it is and so the more significant it must be to justify this lavish expenditure on part of the universe.45 This may or may not be so; all gradations and hierarchies are errors of a particular sort. The practice of Qabalah balances all perceptions by virtue of its operative abstraction on the ego and the mind; and eventually corrects all errors of perception. In the very least, it offers a practical method of not only becoming more conscious of these subtle connections, but of testing and even predicting their occurrence throughout one’s life. In this way, the Qabalah serves one to prepare for such an event, and it may serve another as a Lamp to guide one along; as a series of lamps, like points of light that trace the path; and to others, it is the path itself.

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