The Roman Script.


THE STAR Value: 4
A is the Star: that Fire Visible in the Sky corresponding each one to a Living Soul on Earth. It is that Point of Light that shines in the Darkness of Night; it is that which is fixed above the revolving Earth to guide the Traveller. Its sound when prolonged is the Song of Ecstasy (Aaaaaa!). When punctuated with H, or the Light, it is the sound of discovery (aha!) so that the A in itself concentrates already that Light into the Wheel, whereas the I, is the Ray, the Hollow Tube wherein was hidden the stolen Fire of Heaven. By extending the middle bar, it becomes the Pentagram.
In this way the A, the Star, can be seen as the concentration of this Light, whereas I is the projectile Light. And these are both the feminine and masculine forms of 4.

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